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Next generation AR

Augmented Reality, or AR as it’s more commonly known, isn’t new, but the technology to maximise its potential has only recently been made available to the mass market, with new developments now widely available and established on Android and iOS smartphones. That’s why we’re very excited about its potential as a mainstream digital medium. ICE build powerful, highly engaging AR driven digital products to help our clients communicate effectively and with maximum impact. By combining the power of apps, Unity and WebGL with visualisation techniques such as 3D modelling and AR, we’re opening up the potential of AR across multiple sectors, from B2B to consumers alike. Plus, because we’re true digital enthusiasts, we’re always learning, testing and innovating to make the virtual world, your business reality. Our apps are really breaking the mould, enhancing customer experience with the latest AR technology.

The problem with AR has always been the need to download an app to view it. That obstacle still remains, and it’s something the team at ICE are aware of, which is why we always ensure we’re building something with real value and a compelling call to action, otherwise what you’re left with is just a gimmick. We put the consumer at the centre of our designs, and we’re not afraid to challenge our clients if we think AR isn’t quite the right fit for their marketing campaign.

By David Doyle
Posted: 15th June 2018
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