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Branding, Print, Web design

Putting our branding skills in the spotlight

Few things build a company faster and more reliably than an effective brand. So, when family-run lighting business Venta needed a refresh to sharpen its business focus and maximise its growth potential, we knew we could make the difference it needed. We set about to deliver against a brief which would put our creative branding skills firmly in the spotlight.

Venta website, responsive
VentaUK Iphone
VentaUK iPhone

Illuminating insight

Branding is much more than just a cool logo or well-placed advertisement. While these may be central to a corporate identity, a brand encompasses so much more. Applying our strategic marketing expertise, we worked closely with Venta to shape a whole new proposition. By reviewing its offering, its space within the market and its customers, we were able to make informed recommendations on where to focus its energy, for maximum return on investment.

Venta technology

Bright ideas

Customers experience a brand in many ways; from online interactions, through to packaging and marketing, and every experience leaves a lasting impression. Armed with a clear strategy, we embarked on a full brand refresh that touched on every area of Venta’s business proposition. The new brand was applied consistently, across all platforms, including a new website which incorporated animation and an online product catalogue integrated into a live database.

Shining example

Its new brand identity has helped Venta stand out from the crowd, winning more competitive pitches and enjoying increased revenue growth as a result. Our in-house expertise and intelligent approach to creative thinking, have helped Venta shine as an innovative, agile and service-led company.

Few things build a company faster and more reliably than an effective brand.

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