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MusicPlanet Live

Website Design, App Design & Build

Taking on the Music Planet

When our client came to us with an idea for a revolutionary new social music platform, we jumped at the opportunity. Working with startups is something of a specialism here at ICE, and we’re continuing to turn one man’s vision to promote grass-roots music and local venues into a viable and ever-growing truly global online business.

MPL Mobile
MPL mobile design, responsive
MPL Mobile

Build it “better than Facebook”, and build an App too…

When our client asked us to create a site that could take on the the mother of social media websites, we knew the challenge would be worth taking on – and we love a challenge! Plus, we’ve created an intuitive App to store digital tickets, so you’ll never lose a gig ticket again!

MusicPlanet Live is set to shake the foundations of the live music ticketing world. It’s a revolution.

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