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Double Vision

Augmented Reality

Helping consumers see more clearly

As a showcase for creative brand content, AR is has virtually limitless potential. Double Vision is an app that informs, inspires and educates users about a range of Gin brands. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun – perfect for people wanting to learn more about cocktails and spirits. Want to turn your drinks mat into a miniature 3D forest? No problem… Need to build a virtual cocktail in 3D? Piece of cake…

• Impactful 3D animated AR
• Interactive hotspots and call to actions
• Compelling and valuable content brings brands to life

Augmented Reality, AR
Augmented Reality, AR

So why bother?

We believe AR is great for lots of applications, none more so than consumer campaigns which get people sharing and talking. The ‘wow’ factor is key, but it’s lost unless you back it up with valuable content and compelling calls to action. We know AR is worth investing in, because it sets you apart like no other channel, and because we always ensure our digital applications are loaded with tracking, we can prove it.

AR is here to stay and is only becoming more and more embedded in mainstream media

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