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We’re geeks at heart and there’s nothing we like better than channeling our skills for a bit of creative problem solving to enhance our clients’ marketing campaigns. At ICE, we’ve built a pioneering and entrepreneurial visualisation team dedicated to using the latest digital technology to create engaging content that enhances user experience with Augmented Reality (AR). Our in-house team harness video game software and photo-realistic 3D modelling and is made up of animators, 3D modellers, art directors and all-round experts in augmented reality.

Real, honest value

We believe in building content that represents true value and at ICE we always challenge our clients, to ensure we deliver the right content on the right channels. Technology can be seductive so we start by asking you “why?”. Is AR the best way to achieve your goals? If so, then our talented team will design and build a future-ready solution which benefits your whole business, plugging in to all your existing media for a seamless, trackable and viable solution.

New dimensions

We’re very excited here at ICE about the potential of AR as a mainstream digital medium. We build powerful, highly engaging AR driven digital products to help our clients communicate effectively and with maximum impact. By combining the power of software with visualisation techniques such as 3D modelling, we’re opening up this potential for several clients, from big businesses to b2b and consumer marketing. And because we’re AR advocates, we’re always learning, testing and innovating smart ways to use it. See how just one of our apps is using AR here.

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