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Insight-driven design

The home interest retail marketplace, both online and offline, is constantly evolving, which makes it a highly challenging area for marketeers and agencies alike. ICE understands that creating effective marketing is all about sending out the right content at the right time, and crucially, knowing your audience. We handle everything from traditional image-based printed promotions, to digital channels, social media and beyond – with our ever-evolving Augmented Reality capabilities. Ensuring the balance is correct is essential to deliver the most effective campaigns and content, and at ICE we have all the right skills under one roof.


Ask yourself some questions:

First, define your business: Ask “why” it exists. Once you know that, it makes it much easier to communicate what you do. Next, you’ll need to express your values to discover “who” you are, then naturally, you’ll be more effective and targeted in your messaging – you can’t be everything to everyone. Then you can make an informed decision on “what” brand / marketing strategy, specifically timings and goals, needs to be set. Next, with insight and evidence, you can best decide “where” your voice will be heard. And finally choose “how” to deploy your voice, using tactics best suited to your market.

the work

Imagery and video play a huge role in influencing consumers. The ICE Agency produces stunning visual assets for use across any number and type of media campaigns.

We're multi-skilled; blending new and traditional channels to achieve your marketing goals. In a sea of internet content, you need to ensure yours hits home.

Steve Hencher, Owner/Director

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