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Augmented Reality

Sit back, relax. It’s AR

A beautifully elegant AR eCommerce app, allowing users to browse, select and customise Sofas in their own home. Placing products in their home using ARKit technology and realistic lighting to visualise product, understanding scale to inspire purchase. Part of the ever-expanding portfolio of AR-driven apps powered by ICE Vision’s unique AR visualisation technology.

• Change colours and fabrics on the fly
• Zoom in to enjoy incredible detail
• Load models from a centralised product database.

Augmented Reality, 3d modelling, render
Augmnted Reality, AR, App design

Better than in-store

Consumers today are increasingly purchasing and browsing products online or via apps. Apps like SofAR respond to this demand in a highly engaging way that complements existing systems and sales channels.

Finely detailed models invite users to look at fabrics and details close up for a highly realistic AR experience, while simple and intuitive UX speeds up the purchasing journey and enhances customer experience and in turn the brand perception. Users can share their Sofa by taking a photo of it in their environment, driving social engagement.

Full integration with eCommerce platforms including SAP completes our big-picture approach.

Interactive Presentations, HAMRAN
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