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Winning WOW factor

Web App, 3D Visualisation, Animation

With an increased pipeline of £6 million per month, the WOW Configurator has exceeded all expectations

Go, configure

Using 3D rendered imagery to place products in a photo-real environment, the award-winning WOW configurator allows customers to easily build unique collaboration spaces by selecting from a choice of modular components. In order to close the sales loop, the platform is supported by a lead generation mechanism which triggers a sales and quoting procedure.

Not just a pretty face

This highly visual web-application has proven to be a dynamic and engaging tool, with Midwich experiencing 200 more qualified leads per month, from 461 user visits at a 43% conversion rate

Proving that when you use creative innovation to power a sales and marketing campaign, the result is an engaging, productive, technology-driven customer experience, that really delivers.

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