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Ready, set, go!

As ICE work closely with our clients, we tend to see where their frustrations lie, and presentations are often high up on the list. VisionCX is an interactive presentation platform that removes the pains of presenting. Developed from scratch by the ICE team, VisionCX ensures consistency as all the content can be controlled and managed from a central point – usually a central marcomms team. This innovative new tool makes presentation building fast, simple, on-message and on-brand.

• CMS controlled
• Responsive, touchscreen compatible
• Intuitive touchscreen UX

Octo Telematics, Print, Exhibition, Deisgn
Octo Telematics, Print, Exhibition, Deisgn

Optimising powerpoints

So, you’ve invested a lot of time in your sales presentations and the chances are they live in Powerpoint, which is so often the go-to presentation software available. It’s widely adopted throughout large organisations, but its ubiquity is also its biggest flaw – with individuals having the power to create off-brand, overly complicated content and, critically, content that is inconsistent with marketing messaging or values. VisionCX solves all of those problems by centralising content and turning simple powerpoints into engaging touch screen experiences. Couple it with bespoke video and animated content created by ICE, and you have a truly compelling product that enhances your sales experience and makes your central marketing and sales teams’ lives a whole lot easier.


Perfect for…

• Events
• Conferences and exhibitions
• Retail and POS

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