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Animed Direct

Marketing Campaign, Print, Video

A dose of The ICE Agency creativity…

When Animed Direct, the UK based online veterinary dispensary and the biggest seller of animal medicine, approached us to work on a series of marketing campaigns, we knew that a dose of ICE creativity would be just what the doctor, or in this case vet, ordered.

Animed Direct Online Campaigns

Raining cats ‘n’ dogs

Incorporating print advertising, direct mail, social media, interactive and animated videos, as well as microsites and competitions; the project was all-encompassing. So, the team got to work on a campaign designed to optimise the health of all aspects of Animed’s marketing strategy, using the full breadth of their in-house skillset.

Measured, visible results

The result is an engaging, informative and highly effective campaign which draws from all our collective talents; from scriptwriting, storyboarding and animation, to design, artwork and web development.

Just one of our posts got an organic reach of
more viewers than previous posts by Animed
The day our first post went up, Animed gained over
more page likes than we'd seen for many months previously.

Covering all your bases

Each focussing on a different area of pet health, the campaigns combine to elevate social media presence and drive traffic to the Animed website. Tackling serious issues in a light and often humorous way, the result is a perfect balance of information and fun. Our senior designers Paul and Jonny, together with designer Beth, have breathed life into each stage of the project’s development, with some highly engaging and original video, print and online work.

With its share price rapidly increasing and the company performing at 148% against target, the prognosis for Animed’s future is very healthy indeed.

Animed Direct Print Design
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