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Animation, 3D, Design for Print, Apps

What a load of rubbish!

When Amey asked us to apply our digital creativity and design skills to a new, high profile Visitor Centre, we threw everything at it. We’re really proud of the results – whoever thought rubbish could look this good?


“ICE have really delivered on our shared vision to educate and inspire the public. Helping us all change habits for a more sustainable future” – Deborah Yewdall, Amey

A lasting experience

ICE worked collaboratively and in partnership with Amey and their clients; North Yorkshire Council and the City of York Council, to deliver a fully immersive interactive experience for the visitors of Allerton Waste Recovery Park (AWRP). We storyboarded, designed and directed a thought provoking animated film, along with bespoke printed displays and an engaging interactive game, all coming together to create a truly powerful, memorable experience.

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