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Amey AWRP Print

Design for Print

Sustainable print

Print and sustainability don’t always go hand in-hand, but in fact there’s a wide range of sustainable print solutions available today. ICE and our print management team ICE PLUS worked together to create and source all the printed graphics and displays at North Yorkshire’s newest waste recovery plant, the AWRP.

• Structural ‘Honeycomb’ recycled cardboard
• Recylable outdoor flags
• Custom-built cyclinder exhibit
• Concepts, design and content

Maximum impact

The AWRP Visitor Centre accommodates 1000s of visitors each year, with a single mission to affect positive change in the local community. So, the graphics and displays needed to be bright and impactful. The Centre is situated alongside the vast Waste Recovery Plant complex, with visitors ranging from primary school children to retirees all there to learn about what the Plant does and how complicated the waste recovery process is, and crucially, how we as individuals all have a responsibility to be more thoughtful consumers.

• Contravision window vinyls
• Garden plaques
• Large format wall displays
• Recycled fabric acoustic panelling

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