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Short but Sweet: How Motion Design Pushed the Boundaries of the TV Intro

James McDonnell

The past 15 years have been a golden age for television. The rise in demand for home-entertainment has brought us waves of amazing, high-quality shows that blur the boundaries between the standard TV we’ve previously been used to and the gloss of major studio releases. Shows are now […]

How AR Can Help YOUR Business

David Doyle

AR (Augmented Reality) is now one of the most-talked about features of modern phones and headsets, and is becoming more visible in our day-to-day lives as we discover practical, real life uses for the technology. AR is no […]

3 ways Netflix is beating Hollywood at their own game…

James McDonnell

Our in-house Motion Designer James has been thinking about the rise of Netflix, and what companies like ours who use data for marketing and improving our customer experience can learn from their success.   Over the course of […]

Launching a brand: Our top tips.

David Doyle

Creating a brand from scratch is so much more involved than just designing a logo and selecting fonts. Those are undoubtedly essential visual  elements, along with a colour palette and a coherent suite of imagery. But it’s the […]

Buy British!

Gemma Exelby

Being a reasonably small island with an ever-increasing population, we inevitably rely on the rest of the world for many everyday commodities; clothing, food stuffs, transport, cosmetics, machinery, oil… the list is endless! Thanks to the Internet and […]

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